Murel's High School Photo

Murel’s High School Picture – Sweet Sixteen.

(I had been dating young man named Vernal.)

The president of the local bank was named administrator of Dad’s will.  We discussed it thoroughly.   We’d have to sell the sheep to pay for the hospital bills and burial expenses.  I mentioned writing to Ethel and her husband to come and take over the farm and raise the children, which would keep all the children together.  In return for this, they would receive the farm when the children were in homes of their own.  They refused with admonition that Edwin should have the farm when he came of age.  Well, at that time he was only five years old.  What would we do for the next 20 years?

The administrator then asked me if I didn’t have a young male friend I was intending to marry.  I said that some day we planned to marry, maybe in a few years after I had completed my education.   “Why don’t you get married now and keep this family together?”  It was something to think about.  I talked it over with my fiancé.  After discussing it with his folks and thinking it over for a short time.  We decided that it would work out.

On September 14, 1940, we were married.  Little did we realize what we were stepping into.  Vernal just 21 and I was 16.  We had 4 children ages 13, 11, 8 and 5.  My husband had had little responsibility.  Oh, he knew how to work.  But he had never had to manage a family or a farm.  I am sure that I could write a book on raising that family along with our own children that started arriving promptly.

My husband was very strict as lots of men are with their first baby.  We had been raised in a different manner than he was raised.  He had not yet completed high school but had worked on his father’s farm under the very strict tutelage of his father.  He was very physical and believed that problems were solved by using brute force.  Our family was raised more gently and we were devoted to each other.  When he attempted to make any of the children mind him they would resent him.  I’m sure he let things upset him more so than if they had been our own children.  He loved them dearly and they him or I’m sure things wouldn’t have worked out as well as they did.

Looking back, I wonder how we ever made a success of our marriage.  I loved the girls and baby brother as if they were my own.  I didn’t see that they were so spoiled and I don’t think that they were.  They knew how to work and how to get along on very little of the worldly goods.  My husband thought that they had to be taught a lot sometimes not very gently.  When he would spank them I would almost hate him.  Yet, I could see how he felt too.  It surely wasn’t easy for him.  It was a great responsibility.

Murel Hill Kay received a Patriarchal Blessing on June 22, 1986

Murel was born on February 8, 1924 in Richvale, Teton County, Idaho.  She is the daughter of John Williamson Hill and Ivy Dixon.  Following is a transcript of the blessing (number 1134) that was given by the Patriarch W. Leigh Fullmer.
Sister Murel Hill Kay, it is an honor to give you your patriarchal blessing and reflect on my friendship with your father and mother: yes, and even theirs, and you little Murel, after you had lost your mother.  You had many questions in your life then, some have been answered as they were met and solved by you and yours.  Some still awaiting their outcome with patience.  You have had many challenges in life through which you have continued joyful, radiant, courageous, and beautiful, even blessed to inspire courage into the lives of other people, and most of all you have labored to live faithful to your Heavenly Father, his restored Gospel, and your home and family.
Murel, through you and your husband have not had the joy of going to the temple together, and though you are gifted with patience and consideration, I now bless you with added patience and added understanding and vision and desire to continue to excel as that quiet, mellow, ;unusual strength and inspiring influence that only good mothers possess and magnify in homes and other places as is needed to assist the spirit of Christ to remain and abide.

Dear Sister, I bless you with a constant loyal concern about your companion and the many others in and out of your family who have not yet felt the importance or urge to investigate the eternal and joyous daily truths of the restored Gospel, and find the real joy that daily comes through living its principles.  I bless you with courage and faith undaunted, faith to continue in constant prayer and righteous activity, with a promise that God will bless you and your efforts to your own desires.  You and other special people, some not even called as special missionaries will have an interest and an influence to explain clearly the very problems that vex the hearts and minds and thinking of  good people.  As you and I are mortal and at times misjudged and justly criticized and misunderstood, the spirit of Christ and the spirit of the Holy Ghost will lead the righteous searcher into the path of seeing and thinking clearly and understanding correctly.

Sister Kay, you and your husband have done so well in sending and supporting missionaries into the world, and blessed to see the Gospel taught and demonstrated in many ways, yours is a special, a very special position to be living in, with so much depending on attitude, spirituality, and especially honest, honor, and righteous desires among all people, through which  God’s plan can work completely.  You are of the lineage of Ephraim.  God love you and your entire family.  I bless you again, saying be ye never discouraged, be ye constantly filled with optimism, cheer, and good will toward good people and all good things.  Obedience, honor, and honesty will elevate you, but never hypocrisy.  The Savior spoke of hypocrites many times in his scriptures, they should repent and come unto Him.

You are blessed and honored by those who know you.  You are to continue to be a recognized leader in ward and among people.  I bless you with many years of joy and service,  having satisfaction and reward in service itself.  I bless you with continued increased abilities in bringing beauty and light to many through the eternal saving principles of the Gospel, With a promise that their lives will be brighter and better.  I bless you with health, with extended abilities to accomplish and good things you desire, especially in the lives of others.  Your influence is to increase, and God will bless you with added inspiration in influences and expression.  You are yet to be an inspiring influence in the hearts of many.  I bless you with peace and comfort as you associate with those both in and out of the Church, constantly leaving a feeling of concern and assurance, bringing a desire for improvement and improved spiritual living.

Your people were pioneers here, lived in strenuous times.  I bless you with faith to meet life’s challenges, and promise you  through them to develop in strength and character, and through deep faith abilities to accomplish.  As you soon are going to the temple, I bless you with peace, and understanding mind, with a spiritual thirst; for you will not understand nor remember all the transpires, so return soon and often.  I bless you know this is the greatest institution for eternal learning of life, with preparation for exaltation and eternal life, in God’s holy house.  I bless you with peace, and to enjoy the spiritual lessons there.  I bless you that the material concerns of life shall remain on the outside, have no worries in your heart.  God will bless and sustain you in your desires and needs as you constantly pray and live for his blessing.  I bless you with every other blessing you desire, if for your good, that you are anxious to live and strive for.  This I do, not of myself, but by the power of the Priesthood of God and in the name of Jesus Christ
Signed by: S. Leigh Fullmer, Patriarch, and Driggs Idaho Stake